Product Demo Video – What is it?

Since the advent and revolution of the Internet in the past 25 years, the world has significantly changed, especially in terms of marketing and advertisement. Now advertisements are more about making people fall in love with your brand. Good exmaple is this short teaser video made for Nimbly. And you can do this with the help of video marketing as businesses all over the world are employing this method to advertise their products to a greater public, in a more compelling way. However, there are several forms of video marketing, which are similar to each other in some regards, but are still starkly different. This article focuses on a product demo video. Read below to find out what it is.

Visual Explanation of Product’s Function

Most of the times, people do not fully understand what a product is actually capable of doing. They might even regard it as not really worth their money. In the worst case, they would begin marking your advertisement mails as spam. Sometimes, a person first needs to see the item before fully grasping its potential. This is the primary issue catered by a product demo video. They are the first interaction between the customer and the company’s product. It introduces the brand to the potential buyers with all its functions and features. A video which allows the customer to view all the practical functions your product has to offer, and see how it can help them in their everyday routines is our demo video. It can also be regarded as the ultimate sales pitch enhancer.

Sampling: How to Use?

More often than not, people tend to be suspicious of advertisements. This inherent cynical behavior is owed to some of the widely known incidents of where salespeople fooled customers into buying things which are completely useless. Individuals generally believe that marketers only convey the positives of their products, and hide away the negatives, which are only revealed once the product has been bought. This fear translates similarly for online video marketing as well. However, this is the other problem product demo video targets. They show people how the products are used in their daily use. There can be several subgenres of this type, i.e. testimonials by common people and/ or celebrities, showing people how the product functions, and also sometimes announcing free giveaways to encourage people.
Not being able to view a product with its complete features and abilities might easily serve as a deal breaker, and this is what demo videos attempt to avoid.

A product demo video is an effective tool that can be used to engage an audience in the best possible way. (Good example of engaging with the audience with video is this one.)  It is true that a product itself when seen on advertisement fails to provide an accurate experience to an onlooker. On the other hand, product demo videos are able to achieve this feat easily. A potential customer would not only get an idea about your product but also will understand the features that surround your product. All in all, its definitely the right tool to explain the features of your product in the most compelling way.

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