7 Ways Explainer Video Will Skyrocket Your Business


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As a business owner, one of the top questions you have asked yourself is, “how do I get the message about my product out there in a way that is easier to comprehend?” The answer to this question is actually very simple. All you need to do is use an explainer video.

Most customers will spend their time trying to understand how useful a product is before they decide to actually pay for it. No one wants to waste their hard-earned money. This is why they will be looking to make a thoughtful decision based on facts. While you could explain all the facts about your product using text, you have to understand that text will not get you the same results an explainer video would. The facts included below will prove this to you.

Facts About Video Advertising

Numbers never lie. Here are some numbers to show you why your company needs to invest in someone who knows how to do animated explainer video production so that you can get a high-quality product demo video:

  • As of 2018, more than 1 billion people visit YouTube every month. These people spend more than 4 billion hours watching videos.
  • On Snapchat, over 10 billion videos are watched every day. (according to Adweek)
  • More than 59% of senior executives would rather spend their time watching a video than reading text according to Forbes.
  • The average internet user will spend 88% more time on a website that has a video than a website that has text on it.
  • Over 82% of the people who use Twitter watch video content.
  • Between 2014 and 2015, the search for “How To” videos grew by 70% on YouTube.

After reading the above facts, you are probably wondering, “Okay, people do watch videos, how will their watching help my business?” Below, we show you the 7 reasons why investing in animated explainer video production is the best decision you will ever make in your marketing efforts.

7 Reasons Why You Need an Explainer Video or a Product Demo Video

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1. Increase your conversion

Up to 85% more people are likely to purchase your product if it has been accompanied by an explainer video. This is actually something that is to be expected. After all, the product demo video is helping your customers understand why they should buy your product.

Nowadays, people have too much to accomplish. Hence, they have shorter attention spans. Unless you present them with something that is capable of capturing their attention quickly, you will lose them. As of 2018, your business has very few seconds to make a potential customer interested in your product. Making that possible using text is tough.

Here is where your explainer video will help out. If you choose an animated explainer video production team that has experience in what they are doing, you will have the ability to capture and retain a potential client attention. This will give you a higher chance of converting him or her into a paying customer.

2. Increased Web Traffic

Here, we will assume that your company owns a website where you sell products to people. For your company to succeed, you will need traffic, right? Seriously, if you have got no traffic, who will buy your products?

There are several reasons why having an explainer video on your website will help you get more traffic. Here are some of those reasons:

Videos Help with SEO

SEO simply stands for Search Engine Optimization. Unless someone shared your website link on social media, before a new visitor lands on your website, he or she will have come from a search engine. Search engines such as Google dig videos. Websites which contain endless blocks of text generally don’t do very well on Google (we are speaking Google here since it is the biggest search engine).

This is understandable. The major goal of the team behind Google is to make sure people get the most relevant results. This team knows that people love video content. This is why Google will give these people exactly what they want first.

A Product Demo Video is Easily Shareable

Your explainer video does not have to be confined to your website alone. There are numerous popular video sharing channels. These include YouTube and Vimeo. Don’t forget about social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you were to have text explaining about your product, the text will probably have to remain on your official website only.

As an added advantage, the video sharing sites are usually mobile compatible. Most people use mobile devices to view stuff on the internet. Now, if you share your explainer video, to all these channels, your company will get more exposure and hence generating more traffic.

3. You Get to Showcase Your Personality

The number one thing that makes your customers buy from you and also want to keep coming back for more is your personality. Long-term customers do not need just a name. They want to also put a face to that name. This is something you can achieve using the services of a great animated explainer video production. What showcasing your personality does is that it will make the customer gain trust in your company. If your company offers its services online, your customers are likely to have very little contact with you. These people need to know your personality if they have to trust you.

4. An Explain Video Will Help Your Potential Customers Retain Information

The common individual will retain less than 10% of what he or she reads on your website. However, that person is likely to retain over 50% of the information that has been presented to him or her via an explainer video. If you do a good job on your product demo video, there is a likelihood that your customer will retain over 80% of the information about your product. If a customer retains that much information, the potential of turning that person into a paying customer is very high.

5. Your Pitch is Livened Up

Let’s face it right now. How would you feel if a salesperson came to you with numerous paper pamphlets containing text and tries to explain to you about his company’s new product? Boring, right? What if that person learned from his mistake, went back, utilized the services of an animated explainer video production team and came back with an explainer video? You will pay attention, right?

This is exactly what we are actually referring to when we tell you that a project demo video will make your pitch livelier. This reason is actually tied to the very first reason. A lively pitch has a much higher potential of converting your potential client into an actual client.

6. You Get to Clarify Your Product’s Objective

Let’s agree on one thing here: text is usually tricky. There are numerous ways to interpret it. How you interpret a piece of text will be different from how another person will interpret the same text. With a product demo video, you get to take out all the guesswork when explaining your product. Your potential clients will get to better understand your product or your services. As an added advantage, your company gets to connect more with the potential customers. If customers are getting a chance to connect with a company and they understand the purpose of the product, the chances of them buying the product will increase.

7. Using a Project Demo Video is More Professional

Maybe it is because it appears to people that you are putting more effort into your advertising. There is something that makes an explainer video look more professional. However, not just any project demo video will appear professional. If a video has to appear professional, it has to have a great animated explainer video production team working on it. This is to just make sure that the video has both high-quality audio and pictures. A poor-quality explainer video won’t make you and your team look professional.

How to Use Your Product Demo Video

product demo video

After reading the reasons why you need an explainer video, the next thing you would probably want to know is how to use your explainer video to get the most results. After all, you invested your money and time into creating the video. Below are some suggestions on how you can use the explainer video:

Conferences and Events

Is there an upcoming event in your city that you are planning to have a booth in? The best way to get and retain people’s attention is to use an explainer video. The video will help you show the audience exactly what your product does or the services you offer. Product demo videos are usually short. They will, therefore, make your presentation less time-consuming and hence less boring.


As a business owner who owns a website, you have probably invested in building an email list. One perfect way to capture your potential client’s attention is to use an explainer video. Instead of writing a huge email, you can use a short explainer video to get your message across to that person who cares enough about your company to give you his or her email. People are pressed for time. Don’t waste their time.

Social Media

You probably already knew about this. On social media, videos perform much better. On Facebook, videos usually get a lot more attention than other media forms including status updates, stories, and even photos. Social media is one of the best places where you can use your explainer video to get more people interested in your product and your company.

Blog Posts

Nowadays, nearly all companies are trying to get more customers using search engines. In order to get the search engine’s attention, companies do add a blog section to their main website. When you add an explainer video to your blog, you will not just help explain your product to your customer in an easier way. You will also help your website rise higher in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Sales Pitch

In order to make a sale, you will probably have to do a sales pitch. Armed with a short 1 to 2-minute product demo video, you are more likely to get the attention of a customer, keep it, and at the end close the sale. If you open your presentation with an explainer video, you won’t have much to do to close the sale but maybe add some few details about your product at the end.

What Makes an Explainer Video?

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If you have never utilized the services of an animated explainer video production company, chances are that you are wondering what is included in the explainer video. An explainer video will contain the elements outlined below:

  • An animation that represents the ideal customer, the customer’s problem, and the service or product your company offers to solve the problem.
  • A voiceover that tells your story as it is represented in the animation.
  • Your product screenshots.
  • Some screencasts which show your company product in action.

How Do I Find the Best Animated Explainer Video Production Company?

As you are probably aware, there are numerous animated explainer video production companies. Choosing a company to trust with your project can be hectic. While all these companies may promise you great results, you have to understand that some of them are just trying to make some money. They have no viable experience.

At Pat Animation, our only goal is to make sure that your company stands out. Our animated explainer video production team will be willing to work around the clock just to make sure they create a product demo video or explainer video that gets you the results you are looking for.

We work on both short and longer content. Our short explainer videos which last for about 30 seconds are suitable for social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. We also create longer project demo videos. These will last for about 90 seconds. These give an in-depth explanation of your product.