Animated Explainer Video – 3 MAJOR benefits


Animated explainer video, to be precise, is a short video, usually 90 seconds long, which explains what a business/startup is about. The popularity of this mode of advertisement is increasing at an unprecedented rate, and more and more companies have begun to opt to market their products employing this mode. There are a number of benefits associated with animated explainer video, let’s talk about some of them:

Grabs the attention

Explainer videos are called so because they serve as marketers, who go door-to-door to elaborate your business idea, only in a much better and effective way. Recent study shows clearly that the average attention span of an Internet user is that of mere 8 seconds. And believe it or not, this meager time is not enough for your potential customers/ clients to read your company’s page. However, with the help of an animated explainer video , you not only keep your targeted community hooked to your website, but also engage them in efficient ways, which ultimately results in them understanding your idea better.
Innovative and attractive content, which shows information in a compelling way, keeps the viewer engrossed. Videos ended with with an attractive call-to-action – further encourage the viewer to take a desired action.

An Effective way to communicate

If you ask successful marketers about the ideal advertisement key, they’d most certainly say that how effectively you communicate is the key. It helps present ideas in a clear way, and also serves to remove any misunderstandings or doubts while keeping the audience enteratined. A great example of such approach is a series of animated explainer videos for social media we made for a company called Nimbly

Video marketing is a today’s thing. It is regarded as more effective than written advertisement, as it holds the potential to target more senses of the customer, e.g. audio and visual. This multisensory experience builds up an emotional bond between the customer and the company, which ultimately turns the former in to faithful brand ambassador.
Content which resonates with one’s clients is usually the type which involves characters and stories which the latter can relate to. It is often observed that content creators, who employ motion, novelty, error and ambiguity to their benefit, are the ones whose videos get the most traffic, and ultimate popularity. Moreover, one way which distinguishes this form of marketing from others  is the fact that it allows advertisers to display the colours and music, which is characteristic to their company. Due to this, people find it easier to identify specific brands amidst the swarm of other companies.

Brings traffic to your site

Animated marketing brings more exposure to your startup. Due to its versatility, a video can easily be shared on several social media, including Facebook, and even be embedded in marketing mails. Moreover, the probability that the video becomes viral on YouTube also increases by several folds.
A video on site reduces the overall bounce rate, and increases the time a person spends on the website. This improves the overall ranking of the website on Google, which allows it to become more visible to customers.

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